All You Need to Know About Lottario

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Who doesn’t dream of being filthy rich, driving a different fancy car each day, going on around-the-world cruises with his or her own yacht, and hopefully feeding half of Africa’s population? But at the same time, you’re very suspicious when it comes to lottery games, and you believe that it’s more likely to get struck by lightning than ever winning the enormous jackpot. 

All You Need to Know About Lottario

Well, that’s partially true, but without enlightening yourself on the topic, you can’t ignore the chance of your life. 

Without any further ado, let’s have a look at all that you need to know so you can change your mind and have a little faith.


About Lottario

Lottario is a lottery draw game, like many other games, in which you need to choose 6 numbers and one bonus number for each draw.

For 1 dollar only, you get 2 sets of numbers, a random set and one you choose. The minimum jackpot is $250,000, and it draws every week. 

You can also play for the Early Bird jackpot option, which is an entirely separate game on your ticket. It consists of four numbers, which must match the ones chosen on the previous Friday.

So, including the early bird, you get two draws on each play and for a dollar – two plays for each draw, or in other words, a single dollar buys 4 plays. That’s a deal!

What are the ODDS?

It turns out that it’s not impossible to win the lottery; it depends on what you expect to win. When it comes to the jackpot the odds are certainly not in your favor. But don’t stop reading yet, things with Lottario are different.

The Pool Fund here is concentrated in lower prizes. For example, only 44% goes to the big jackpot, and the rest is shared between a lot more possible outcomes. The chances of winning any prize (which is lower than $5) is 1 in 21. Of course, no one plays for that. But remember the Early Bird? The jackpot there is $50,000, and the odds are 1 in 4,967, which is more than likely to happen.

Modern Version

Lottery is not what it used to be. If you’re very distant to these games, you might have a completely wrong picture of it. You don’t have to wait in front of the TV for a number to be drawn one after another in order to see if you win or not. The Lotarrio results can be checked online, all you need to do is enter a special code on your ticket. If you’re the lucky one, you’ve got 40 days to claim your prize, and if you’re not, you can sacrifice another dollar for the next week draws.

Hopefully, now you know that it doesn’t take much to try because you never know when you’ll be the One in 4,000,000. You need to believe if you want to succeed, or you need to play so you can win.

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