Is It Possible to Win the Lottery?

Could anyone win the lottery ? Let’s start with the truth that obviously anyone can win.

Many of us dream about winning the lottery, and it can happen. But the spiritual approach communicates with us in a different way.

This approach reasons that when our spirit is whole and willing, that this will determine our ability to win a lottery and receive lots of money.

For instance: many times we choose things in our lives, such as our work place, our friends, etc., because of internal imbalance, and not because our lives are in balance..

So when will someone really be able to win money ?

Using this spiritual and cosmic approach, our internal state of being is what determines our external life experience – when we are at one with our internal existence all other things in life will fall into place. As an example, we can think of someone who wants to win the lottery and as a little test ask them to write down the reasons for this desire. Their reasons would probably include something reasonable such as economic security, and the belief that economic security would help them find a relationship. However, only when their spiritual existence will be whole will such person be able to win the lottery.

And what happens until then ?

When we are on our way to the big prize, we will probably be satisfied with winning sums of €9,000 or €10,000 – the feeling is almost the same as if we won the big prize, a feeling of satisfaction and joy. Any change in our internal state of mind immediately brings about a change in our external state of existence. When we fill in a lottery ticket, how should we pick the numbers ? Do the numbers matter ? Which numbers should we pick ?

These numbers are an expression of our internal spiritual existence. In order to win a person may be required to make some internal change – we wouldn’t want to feel internally prepared to win, only to find out didn’t win because we couldn’t find a way to externally express our internal readiness. Thus, it is often best to pick numbers which best express ourselves and our internal spirituality.

Which numbers would express our lives ?

Taking the spiritual path, it is important that the numbers express key points in our lives.

There is an approach which says we must live through difficult events in our lives in order that we grow and develop. Such difficult life experiences, and how we cope, can heal us.

For example, if you lived in a house that constantly has problems, you could pick the number of the house as a lottery number. Or you can pick a number of the day of the week where you feel the worst. Many times the negative numbers in our lives represent a better expression of who we are than the positive things we experience. Do not be afraid to change the numbers if something changes in your life – the new numbers can be an expression of who you are.

For some, it is important to have a set of numbers used repeatedly.

Spiritually, and practically, it’s easy to use the same set of numbers over and over. Using this approach, one of the lottery tickets you purchase can contain the same numbers every time. Imagine if you had a set of numbers you always used, and suppose you usually purchased five lottery tickets, and you use your special set on one ticket each week. Suppose one week you didn’t use your set numbers, and those numbers won! Sit and examine your life every few months in order to examine whether anything has changed, and if so, you can change the numbers accordingly.

From a different point of view, it is important to change the numbers.

Numbers which are not representative about our own lives, but represent the lives of others who have succeeded in life, such as Madonna, Bill Gates, etc, can also be used. There is no rule that says the numbers should only express ourselves, when the success of others might also bring about our own success.


The lottery tickets purchased every week will be have both set numbers, and also some will have changing numbers. Many people follow this path.

Have you ever dreamed at night about the big win ?

Many times, when someone is close to winning, they will receive a sign in their dreams. If you write down your dreams every morning, and when the win is close, it may appear in your dreams, and that will be the time to fill in a lottery ticket. Try it, your big win could be coming soon… Incidentally, it does not have to be a dream you personally dreamed: if a friend tells you they had a dream, or if you hear at work that one of your colleagues had a dream, you could join them to fill in a joint ticket, and your chances of winning could be higher.

In conclusion:

Is it possible to win the lottery? Yes obviously it is…. through your internal spiritual existence. Be at one with your existence and find balance in your life. Pick your set numbers, those that symbolize your life. Don’t forget to include your difficult life experiences, since these experiences allow you to grow and develop into who you are today. Remember that it is possible to change your set numbers. Pick your changing numbers according to the success of others, and keep dreaming, never stop believing and then…go ahead and purchase a few tickets since you have as much chance as anyone to win the lottery.

You can’t win it, unless you’re in it! Good Luck !!!

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