USA Mega Millions

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USA Mega Millions

Biggest Record Jackpot: $656 million
Country: USA
Jackpot Odds: 1 in 259 million
Second Prize: $1,000,000

Mega Millions Winner Claims The Jackpot and Marks History

Mega Millions is one of the largest lotteries not only in the US but all over the world. Of course, hope is your best companion when you want to take part in lotteries and the next best companion is patience. 

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Many winners of the lotteries have purchased the same tickets for decades and hoped for the best. When they won they won big time. Every moment they had spent waiting for that jackpot was paid off with the win. Something similar has happened to a man in Pennsylvania who has won one of the biggest jackpots that have ever been won by Mega Millions players. 

This huge Mega Millions jackpot was announced on July 21, 2015. The winner of the jackpot is Steven Peloquin who originally belongs to Virginia. 

The great news for those who are thinking of purchasing lottery tickets is that this winning man is a truck driver. When you talk about changing lives you can definitely count on winning a lottery. This jackpot is definitely going to change the life of the winner who drives a truck to make both ends meet but with the winning he will definitely have some interesting plans that people would be dying to know. 

The winning ticket number is 20-30-62-65-74 and the mega ball number 1. The icing on the cake was that Peloquin also had a megaplier 5 on his ticket. The jackpot was for $153 million if Peloquin had accepted to receive it in the form of annuity. 

However, he went on to claim the prize as cash and so the winning prize money for him was $91.8 million. The check for his win was presented to him by Drew Svitko, the executive director of the lottery. The claimed winning ticket was purchased by Peloquin in Northumberland County. 

It must be mentioned here that the plaza that sold this winning ticket to Peloquin would also receive a huge bonus of $100,000. Peloquin has been a truck driver for more than 3 decades now. When asked he said that after purchasing the ticket he didn’t pay much attention to it for many days. 

It was on the Saturday night that he got on his computer and thought of checking if he had any luck this time. He was in for a surprise and when he found out that he had the winning ticket he could not believe his eyes. So, he took a picture of the ticket and sent to many of his friends and colleagues.

After everyone confirmed that he really did have the winning ticket he was finally able to believe. He could not sleep all night due to the anxiety, excitement and happiness. Peloquin said that he and his wife work to run the expenses of the family but now with such a huge winning amount they will definitely retire from their works earlier than they had imagined. 

Just on July 31, 2015 another Mega Millions jackpot winner has been announced with a winning jackpot of $25 million. This lucky winner is from Missouri.

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