Man From Elgin Becomes Big Lotto Winner after Purchasing Ticket in Rochester

A man from Elgin became doubly astonished when he purchased a lottery ticket in Rochester, which won. 

The Minnesota Lottery stated in a press release that Mathew Hollermann became winner of big cash on Wednesday, via a Big Money scratch ticket. 

According to the Lottery, at first Hollermann believed he had become winner of $50,000. 

He discontinued scratching, believing that this was all there was to it and contacted his family to share the wonderful news.

But, after arriving home, he finished scratching and discovered that inactual fact, he had won $100,000. 

This forced him to call his family again and tell them he had become winner of two times what he first thought. 

The winning ticket was bought by Hollerman at Kwik Trip, which is situated in Rochester, at 4120 Highway 52 North.

Big Money scratch ticket

5:48 PM