Florida Powerball Lottery

Florida Powerball is a lottery priced at $2 for each play. Playing it is simple. 5 balls have to be matched to the numbers drawn and also the Powerball should match, and the jackpot is yours! The jackpot is $ 40 million and may be higher in case a winner is not found and the main prize gets rolled over. A player who has picked up 5 white colored balls that match with the drawn numbers, scoops up a cool 1 million dollars. There is another game called Powerplay, which can be added for an additional $1. It entitles the player to double the prize money for 5 matching white balls, i.e. they take home $ 2 million prize money.

By paying $2 at an authorized Florida Powerball lottery retailer, the player is entitled to play a single line on the lottery ticket. The numbers have to be selected from the range of 1 through 69. Five random numbers are selected by the player or chosen through Quickplay . To this selection is added a Powerball number. To increase the number of shots a player can take non-jackpot prizes, additional attempts can be purchased at $ 1 each. The same numbers can be played for several draws by opting for the Advance play section. The retailer should be informed in advance about the number of draws you want to play.

By paying $5, you get included in the draw for $2 Powerball, $2 priced Florida Lotto including Xtra and also the $1 priced Mega Million. The retailer will print the ticket with your chosen numbers, games opted for and the draw date and give it to you. Check and recheck your numbers carefully before you hand them over for printing, as the numbers cannot be cancelled or changed. Do remember to check the draw on the due date, either on television, or online. You can also check the results with the lottery retailers or by calling on the given number.

Draws for the Powerball lottery are held twice a week, on Wednesday and Saturday. The prizes have be claimed within 180 days of the draw and the prizes have to be claimed in the same State where the winning lottery ticket was sold.

The Powerball also offers Powerplay, an additional feature costing $1 per play. It multiplies the non-jackpot prizes, by 2x to 5x in case the jackpot is higher than $150 million. If the jackpot is less than or equal to $150 million, the Powerplay winning is 10x. The player has to match 5 balls and can will up to $ 2 million.

In case there are multiple winners, i.e. several players have matched the drawn balls. The jackpot is then shared equally by the winners in all the Powerball states. In case there is no jackpot winner, it keeps getting rolled over until somebody wins it. Lottery winnings are covered by Internal Revenue Code and accordingly the Federal income tax is deducted at source before paying out the winning amount.

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