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If you are an avid EuroMillions gamer then you should stay hooked to the latest EuroMillions news at all times. Knowing how much is in the pot or up for grabs, latest deals or bonuses on tickets, new strategies to win big or to increase the odds in your favor and keeping a tab on the newly made millionaires are all part of playing EuroMillions.

Here is some latest EuroMillions news for you.

EuroMillions: No Jackpot Winner On Friday February 13, 2015!

Friday the 13th instills a lot of fear in many people. Some consider the day to be very unlucky, especially that the number 13 comes along with a Friday. Well, as it turns out the day was unlucky in a way as no one won the jackpot but ask everyone who has made some handsome winnings and they would never regard Friday the 13th as unlucky or fearsome.

Friday had a double rollover up for grabs, an estimated £23 million to be won. No ticket matched all the five main numbers and the two lucky stars. The winning main numbers were 12, 24, 39, 42 and 44. The two lucky stars were 3 and 11.

Although the jackpot went unclaimed, there were six lucky players who matched five main numbers and one lucky star, thus pocketing £220,314. Eight lucky players matched five main numbers and won £55,078. There were more than 2.7 million other winners, albeit of smaller amounts, from matching four main numbers and two stars to matching just two main numbers.

Good News For EuroMillions Players On Tuesday, 17th February 2015

The jackpot having gone unclaimed leads to a triple rollover and the estimated jackpot to be won on Tuesday, 17th February 2015 is £29.59 million.

If you didn’t win the jackpot last Friday, don’t be disappointed as you can win bigger the next time. With an increased jackpot, the worth of subsequent prizes would also see an appreciation. Although the value of the subsequent prizes would depend a lot on the numbers of tickets or the total sales value of EuroMillions tickets and the number of winners in every prize category or with every combination that is eligible for a bounty. Yet, the indications are that the prizes would be more rewarding on 17th.

P.S. Look out for the deals and bonuses when you buy EuroMillions tickets and also keep an eye on the onetime and multi-play options to get more odds in your favor for the same investment.

Canadian Lottery Winners in June and July 2015

Below are some of the lucky lottery winners in Canada this year, between June and July. Nabila Batarseh (Lotto Max) This lady from Calgary won $12.5 million Jackpot for Lotto Max. She states that for years she had a belief she would be a big winner in the lottery. This belief turned into reality for Nabila Batarseh when she won $12.5 million June 5 draw for Lotto Max. This new winner states she was with her family at home playing cards when she decided to verify her ticket numbers from her phone. Bartaseh’s ticket was among four which shared the jackpot of $50 million for Lotto Max. The rest were sold in British Columbia, Ontario and Edmonton. Bartaseh states she will utilize her winnings to purchase a house, assist people and quit her job. She says she has worked for 23 years and feels the time for retiring has come. She purchased her winning ticket in Calgary at the 7-Eleven Food Store, Crowfoot Way. She states that ironically, she felt normal on discovering she was a winner. This, according to her, was because she had always had faith that one day she would be a winner in the lottery. Peter McCathie (Lotto 6/49) Describing a certain Canadian man as ‘lucky’ is an understatement. As a teenager, Peter McCathie escaped being struck by lightning and now he is a lottery winner. The two events blended to around 1 in 2.6 trillion possibilities. McCathie is sharing the $1million prize for Lotto 6/49 with colleague Diana Miller ABC News informed the Atlantic Lottery today. He will get an extra $10,000 as he is the owner of Amherst Shore Country Store, in Nova Scotia, Amherst Shore, where the two bought the ticket for $3. McCathie informed CTV he intends to use his surprise winnings to take his wife whom he has been married to for 30 years, on another honeymoon. McCathie and Miller have been purchasing lottery tickets for approximately one year, but never imagined beating the odds.

A Fortunate Woman of 50 Years Becomes Winner of Powerball Jackpot of $310.5 Million

Julie Leach, a woman of 50, was the only winner of the US Powerball draw of 30 September. She won $310.5 million, an amount which is unfathomable; this was the second hugest jackpot in Michigan State that had ever been won. Julie Leach, who is from Three Rivers in Michigan, was able to clinch the top prize win; she matched each of the 6 winning figures on the draw of 30 September, that is 21-29-40-55-59 and Powerball 17. Purchasing the Ticket Even though Leach has been an ardent player of lotto for numerous years, she nearly did not win Powerball jackpot; she states the ticket was purchased at the eleventh hour at a gas station following the advice of her boyfriend that she purchases one, due to the top jackpot. Leach took her boyfriend’s advice and bought 10 Powerball plays and placed them inside her purse. The following day, while waiting at a drive-through for her lunch, Leach recalled that she was in possession of the tickets. Checking the Outcomes After this she retrieved her cell phone to verify the outcomes. ‘After I realized I had matched it, I began examining the figures one at a time, on that line. After seeing that I matched three of them, I recall this thought running though my mind, ‘Well, this is great. I have won around $200.’ Leach was shocked and was unable to accept that she was a winner; therefore, she examined her ticket again severally. When she returned from lunch-break, Leach requested her colleagues to check again also, which made them skeptical. ‘My two colleagues believed I was tricking them.’ However, after reality dawned, Leach picked her possessions and left her job of twenty years…she never looked back. Breaking the Wonderful News After this, Leach drove home to break the news to her boyfriend; he was asleep at this time. She roused him from sleep and shared the news with him; the couple was hysterical. For hours, they laughed and cried, attempting to absorb what was taking place. Thereafter, the couple told their families; they intend to tour the globe with them. The couple has other arrangements such as settling debt and purchasing new homes for themselves as well as their families. They were winners of a whopping $140 million prize in cash (after taxation); therefore, it should be a breeze to realize those dreams! Do you desire an opportunity to turn into a winner in the lottery? Play the US Powerball online and begin winning today!

A $1 million lottery winner boasts Andover Market Xpress 

A Powerball ticket purchased by a lottery player at Andover Market Xpress is the winner of $1 million says a store employee. The winner whose name has not yet been released missed the Powerball but matched the first five numbers and therefore did not win the $60 million jackpot on Wednesday but won the $1 million prize. Lisa Witesell who works at Andover Market Xpress at 91 Public Square said that this morning it was the biggest news ever. “Although we don’t know the winner’s name, we are certain we had a $1 million Powerball winner and our store will get $10,000”, she said. Whitesell said they have many regulars who always play and she hopes the winner is one of their own. Powerball 25 plus Powerball numbers 41, 31, 26, 24, & 1 combined were the winners reported the Ohio Lottery and Saturdays’ jackpot drawing will be $70 million. 

$80 million Powerball winner hails from Florida June 26, 2015 

Long lost relatives she’s never heard of might soon be calling Orencia Barzey of Lauderhill. From the drawing on Saturday June 20, 2015, she received her $80 million jackpot prize and that’s why she might be getting those calls. 37 year old Brazey opted for a just once lump-sum $49, 566,294.92 payment. When she checked the Lottery’s website along with the numbers on her ticket that matched she was rather astonished. She plans on helping her family from her winning but her lifestyle will not change much. The Quick Pick ticket purchased at Best Value Food Store on 1040 Northwest 47th Avenue, Plantation was the jackpot winner. For selling the winning ticket Best Value will cash in $40,000. An approximate of $50 million for the next jackpot Powerball drawing for Saturday June 27th. On April 11th Alice P. Dawson from Frisco City won $80 million, she purchased her ticket from McDavid over the Florida border.

Powerball winner $24.3 million richer from Rotorua Lotto 

A well earned family, Rotorua natives have won $24.3 million lotto draw reported the dairy owner who sold the winning ticket. Raj Kumar owner of Springfield Superette reported for work on Sunday, his day off just in case the winners decided to cash their tickets and they did at approximately 4pm. The winning ticket was sold to a local man who has a big family, he did not know that he had won said Kumar. “Such a win would be thrilling, what would happen if you won $24m, it would be earth shattering.” “The winnings went to a good man with a well needing family.” Sunday was a like a dream experience, an outstanding day, almost ideal day said Kumar. This jackpot is the store’s first and it has helped to boost business for small stores in the country. $500,00 from lotto first division and $23,800,822 from Powerball makes up the total Powerball win.

From time to time, EuroMillions also manages to draw in some amazing prizes, and that’s exactly what happened last Friday, when a lucky person has managed to match the 5, 8, 10, 11 and 37 as well as the two lucky star numbers which were 7 and 9 in order to win and become the lucky owner of no less than £93,388,943. The top prize hasn’t been won since May 26 and quite a lot of money have accumulated in the meantime, so much that this is actually the fourth EuroMillions jackpot this year in the UK alone. The great thing here is that most of the winners choose to donate a portion of their money for a wide range of projects across the UK in order to help their communities thrive. Although the prize of £93,388,943 has been already claimed, the winner has chosen to remain anonymous and no other details were revealed about him.

£93 million UK jackpot winner of Euro Millions opted to remain anonymous but collected the prize money

A UK resident walked away with the entire jackpot from the Friday June 12th draw. The ticket was cashed for a mammoth amount of £93,388.943, no other information will be made available as the winner wishes to remain anonymous. This winning is the sixth largest for the National Lottery and for the UK. Since 2015 this is the largest win and it ranks fourth in the Euro Millions jackpot in the UK as reported by a National Lottery spokeswoman. Ticket numbers matched: 5, 8, 10, 11 and 37, in addition to 7 and 9, which are lucky star numbers. This win is a life-altering one which the winner should be enjoying immensely. Since May 26th the top prize has not been won. From winnings by individuals in lottery games as Euro Millions, UK has also won in terms means of donations, approximately £34 million per week is given to projects making a tangible difference to its communities. 

$1 million win in Lotto 6/49 draw by Penticton woman 

Irene Vestner of Penticton decided to check her lottery ticket while running errands and that decision changed her life forever. She became richer by $1 million when her ticket matched a Lotto 6/49 draw. It was unbelievable initially when she checked the ticket and realized she had won. She called the manager at the store to verify that she had indeed won as she looked astonishingly at the amount recorded on the machine Irene told her closest friend first about her win, the B.C. Lottery Corporation (BCLC) reported. Vestner told her friend to check the amount of zeros as she thought she had only won $1000, but was in disbelief when it was six zeros! The first thing I’ll buy is a new condo Irene Vestner told BCL, for now however I’m just letting the reality of it all soak in. The May 30 Lotto 6/49 draw winning ticket was bought in Penticton at SmartShopper by Irene who won the Guaranteed Prize Draw BCLC said.

Last June Roy Cockrum has won no less than $259 million and he decided that the best way to deal with some of the money is to donate them to the Actors Theatre in Louisville, his natal city. And so he did, since he gave no less than $1.2 million in the form of a large grant. Roy has created a foundation that started to support numerous theaters from all over the country and the Actors Theatre is in fact the third one in the initiative. This particular theatre is widely known for the Humana Festival of New American Plains and it seems that Roy funded them as a support for his intern and apprentice. It’s the first grant he provided that doesn’t relate to the production of a specific play, instead it’s dedicated towards an initiative. Other theatres that managed to obtain funding from Roy Cockrum are the Goodman and Steppenwolf Theatres in Chicago, both of which have received funding for an unspecified amount.

Mega Millions is known to have some great prizes and this one is no exception. A man whose identity is still unknown because he did not want to reveal it for the time being, won no less than $260 million. He has the winning numbers which were 2, 9, 11, 22 and 23, as well as a Mega Ball 12. Winning the jackpot was close to impossible, 1 to 258 million. But this didn’t really stop him to play and become the holders of the third largest jackpot offered this year. As always, the store who sold it, which is a supermarket located at 13036 S. Western AV un Blue Island will receive a portion of the prize, a sum that amounts to around $500000. But this lucky person wasn’t the only one to get great prizes. There were also more than 15 ticket holders which managed to match 5 numbers and take home $1 million. Despite the large sum won by this man, this isn’t the largest prize in the lottery world, as the highest one was accorded in 2012 when 3 persons won no less than $656 million.

Powerball is definitely becoming more and more popular on Arizona, if we are to trust the fact that many of people have started to win here. The most recent in the set of winners is Maria Herrera of Glendale that has won $120 million and she came to get her cash. The total prize was no less than $188 million before taxes, but even after taxes, this is an amazing sum of money. Maria was quite discrete when she came to get her money, because she didn’t state anything about her nor about how she plans to use the large amount of money. This particular ticket was sold inside a Quick Trip convenience store that will receive $25000 as a commission. Maria decided to release her name before the anonymity law would actually release it eventually, and this is how the press got hold of her and this data in the first place. However, this isn’t the largest jackpot won in Arizona, because a man won no less than $587 million at the Powerball 3 years ago.

Helen Whelan of C & D Food, a pet food production company orchestrated the collection of €2 from each of the 38 workers consisting of managers and office staff aged 23 to 50 years, and played the first time on Friday June 5th. They played a second time on June 9th and raked in €500,000. Thirty eight people who work in Edgeworthstown are smiling and satisfied with an equal split of €13,157.89. This winning has come at an opportune time for most of the syndicate workers where there are engagements for weddings and at least one new car to be bought. The winning ticket was bought on Main Street, Edgeworthstown, Co Longford from Duffy’s SuperValu. This group played the EuroMillions and won these earnings from the EuroMillions Plus draw on Tuesday June 9th. They were given their cheque from the National Lottery HQ in Dublin on Thursday June 11, 2015.

Don Wilson of South Chesterfield, Chesterfield County won a whopping $1,000,000 prize three times in the Mega Millions drawings. He claimed his triple play earnings win on Wednesday June 10th. He bought the ticket at Kangaroo Express, 891 Temple Avenue in Colonial Heights, they received $10,000 bonus for selling the winning ticket. Don won a total of $3,001,000; his three tickets each matched the first five numbers and only missed the Mega Ball number. He raked in an additional $500 each from two of his ticket which matched four of the five numbers. Ironically he selected numbers that matched birthdates of family members. These numbers were 2-9-11-22-23. The Mega Ball number was 12 which he did not win. Mr. Wilson is displaying a calm attitude about winning this sum and jokingly remarks that it is ONLY money. He has no immediate plans for the money, “Much more important things in life” he chides. The Virginia Lottery Executive Director Paula Otto presented Don with his check.

August 2014 Mega Millions Lottery $180 Million Jackpot

The August 2014 Mega Millions Lottery $180 Million Jackpot made history by being won by one individual. This was won on August 22, 2014, in California, when all six numbers in the drawing was found and matched the numbers on one single ticket. This winning ticket was bought from a 7-Eleven store. The Mega Millions lottery is sold across 43 states in the United States of America. It is also sold in the U.S. Virgin Islands and the District of Columbia. Each ticket costs $1. The August 2014 Mega Millions Lottery $180 Million Jackpot winning numbers were 05-31-34-41-74 and mega number 3. To have all these numbers matched on one single ticket was truly a jackpot for the winner of the lottery. The lucky person who purchased this ticket is now sitting pretty as a multi-millionaire, perhaps thanking his lucky stars! The person who won the lottery is not the only one who will be feeling lucky, though. The 7-Eleven store from where the ticket was bought will also win a share of the money. This is not an amount to be laughed at as it amounts to half of the percentage of the winnings, which is $900,000. The owners of the 7-Eleven store are delighted at having this stroke of luck. The owners will have to split the prize money with the 7-Eleven corporation and will be, voluntarily, also sharing it with the employee that sold the ticket. Considering that the odds of winning the jackpot are 1-in-259 million, the August 2014 Mega Millions Lottery $180 Million Jackpot winner Rick Knudsen is a very lucky man indeed. Rick Knudsen is a retired branch manager of RWC Building Products. Knudsen has opted to take the lump sum amount of $107 million dollars before taxes. He says he will be spending the money on his children and grandchildren and his church too. Rick Knudsen says there was a series of coincidences that made him feel that he was in the midst of a winning lucky streak, which made him buy the August 2014 Mega Millions Lottery $180 Million Jackpot ticket. He usually buys lottery tickets only a couple of times a year, but that day, he experienced such a series of coincidences with regard to money that he decided to buy the ticket, feeling very lucky. For 48 hours preceding his August 2014 Mega Millions Lottery $180 Million Jackpot win, Rick Knudsen had a string of coincidences where every financial transaction he made, purchases, etc., in every store across two counties, totalled to an even amount, requiring no change. He then went to a casino and won on all seven machines that he played. He had also got an even change in seven transactions earlier. When he ultimately bought the ticket, he was feeling a premonition that something good was about to happen and had even been told by a cashier to buy a lottery ticket, considering his winning streak and he did!

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