La Primitiva

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There was a time when La Primitiva Lottery games were considered to be very traditional and conservative. Only Spanish residents were allowed to play these games, but gradually, with the advent of the internet, and an exponential increase in the number of lottery syndicates and online ticket merchants, the games is now open to the world. The players from any part of the world can participate in the largest lottery in the world by paying for the same.

This lottery is played two days in a week, Tuesday and Saturday in Madrid, Spain. The players who participate in the lottery can play for a highly attractive and huge price funds. The starting limit of this lottery is 43.5 million that goes on to cross even 2.2 Billion mark. The players can enjoy excellent playing odds, where they can enjoy a generous draw of 1-6 taking some kind of prize home.

In order to play this game, one can easily buy La Primitiva Lottery tickets online and start playing with great odds. A system, namely, Lottery Syndicate, also referred to as e-lottery has taken the La Primitiva to its multi win method. Using this method allows every member to enjoy certain advantages over other players who buy the lottery tickets in the regular way. Minimum, one prize is guaranteed by e-Lottery system to each and every member. People who have been playing other lottery games will find this system quite different and unique.

La Primitiva is one of the oldest Spanish lotteries and also a part of the National Lotteries of Spain. In 1985, this lottery was reintroduced and since then, it is being played with great fun and enthusiasm by people all over the world. Using the internet, players from any part of the world can play this lottery and enjoy great returns. 70 percent of the revenue generated by selling lottery tickets is added to the prize fund by the Spanish Loteria Nacional that results in making the jackpot amount quite attractive and huge. Also, the probability of winning prize also increases exponentially. This lottery is Six from 49 games. So, in order to play this game, six numbers from 1-49 needs to be chosen by the player. It is essential to match these six numbers with the lottery balls that are drawn.

Playing this game is quite easy and anyone can learn it in a matter of minutes. The tickets for this game must be bought from reliable sites. When the player selects six numbers from a range of 1-49, automatically a reintegero number is added to this lottery ticket that allows the player to play for the jackpot and enjoy the opportunity to win the biggest prize. There are many portals that explain the process of playing this game in a step by step, easy to understand manner, thus, even the first timer can play the game with confidence. The portal that is totally secure and the one that can be trusted must be chosen for buying the tickets and playing the game.

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