Unidentified Baghdad Man Emerges Victorious in Oregon Lottery Jackpot of $6.4 million

Currently, Oregon Lottery possesses its personal global unidentified man; A Kurd from Iraq residing in Baghdad that became a winner of a Megabucks jackpot of $6.4 million and has persuaded lottery officials to maintain confidentiality of his name for his personal protection.

Claiming the Prize

Following a journey from Mideast, this man walked inside lottery headquarters on December 1 in Salem without warning and submitted the winning ticket that he purchased via a website which is run privately.

Tickets are not sold online by Oregon Lottery; however, Jack Roberts, the Lottery Director, claimed he was told whatever the man did was in order and he should obtain his winnings. The man managed also to convince the lottery officials to keep his name secret, even though under Oregon regulations it is public record. 

Reasons for Name Confidentiality

Roberts stated that he reached the decision after having a talk with the man. ‘I think there is a personal security danger to him as well as his family. I wish individuals would respect the causes of not submitting the name. It might not be important to them, but to a person on the other side of the globe, it could.’

Roberts stated the man, who was said to be around 40s, was depicted as being presentable and talked in English which was moderately good. He presented a solid case that his family and himself may be in danger of being murdered or kidnapped if it was revealed he had obtained a huge quantity of money. Baghdad is a city which is among the most hazardous and an ethnic Kurd would be conspicuous in a city ruled by Shiites.

Chuck Baumann, the lottery spokesman stated this was the initial time as far as he was aware, that a winner’s name had been concealed by the lottery.

The Iraqi requested to collect his jackpot in parts, over 25 years. On Friday, the lottery sent $158,720 to a bank account he opened in Oregon. This is the quantity for his yearly prize after a deduction of 38% for state and federal income taxes.

Purchasing the Ticket

The man bought the ticket via an online lottery website found in London which resells tickets for lottery which it buys all over the globe. Roberts stated there might be possible problems in regard to whether the website experiences a federal restriction on Internet gambling; however, he stated, ‘worse crimes are present which the cops are not setting charges for.

Anyway, stated Chuck Baumann, the lottery spokesman, the winning ticket did not leave Oregon. It was bought on August 24 in Bend, supposedly by a person who works for Lotter.com. It was picked by the man from Iraq after he went to Oregon.

One year is what the man had, to pick his prize after the drawing of the winning numbers; 15, 27, 32, 44 and 45. Baumann said, ‘We believed he may be waiting for the latest tax year or something similar.’

‘We could not ever imagine that he was in Iraq attempting to find out how come here.’

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